The maintenance of the Cathedral, manse and grounds incurs numerous expenses. Some of these are obvious, such as for heating, the purchase of candles and other essential church supplies, vestments for the clergy, flowers for adorning icons, cleaning, snowplowing and grass mowing. Others are less visible, such as for unavoidable necessary major capital repairs for the roof, the heating system, walkways, compensation for clergy, hierarchal visits, parish diocesan dues, insurance, and also various unforeseen urgent expenses.  We try to cover these expenses through parish members’ dues and a variety of fundraising events. As time has shown, however, these efforts always need to be supplemented. Your kind donations are thus very important in helping to pay for these expenses. Please consider making a donation. A charitable tax receipt will be issued to all donors wishing to receive one.
You may make your kind donation in person or by mailing a cheque payable to “St. Xenia Russian Orthodox Church” to:
St. Xenia Russian Orthodox Church, 2 Colchester Square, Ottawa ON K2K 2W9 


You may also securely make a donation through PayPal by clicking on the button below. 


                            Thank you for your kind support of the Blessed St. Xenia of Petersburg Cathedral.